“पोलिश नहीं परवरिश”
“पोलिश नहीं परवरिश”
“पोलिश नहीं परवरिश”
“पोलिश नहीं परवरिश”
We believe physical fitness is necessary for every individual.
We believe physical fitness is necessary for every individual.
Mental fitness is key to a happy life
Mental fitness is key to a happy life.
मिशन - टीम फिटनेस – Building India Healthy
मिशन - टीम फिटनेस – Building India Healthy
“पोलिश नहीं परवरिश”
“पोलिश नहीं परवरिश”
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WELCOME TO fitness first nation first

“A healthy citizen is the real asset of any nation”
“Healthy body is the first right of any child”
“Save your daughter, educate her but make her healthy also, because today’s daughter is tomorrow’s mother and our country needs a healthy mother”

Our Core Working Areas

Regular fitness activities in based location, Alipur, Delhi

Awareness camps / workshops in public areas, Parks, Society, Schools, Colleges or offices.

Our Workshops

We Organise plenty of workshops for the welfare of children and for their good health

Physical Fitness

Core training in two category - Career oriented and fitness-oriented

Mental Fitness

Psychological workshops to come out from aggression, depression, hipper tensions, domestic and social health issues.

Biological Awareness

Human Biological mechanism, behave management, brain mapping to brain building.

Career Counseling

Productive time mgt. Skills mgt. & Career Goal mgt – Motivational diets.

Caution learning

pros & cons of electronic gadgets, Productive use of the internet, Safe uses of social platform to prevent from any digital Hijacking.

Social Program

Yoga Day, Marathons, Mother’s Day, National Day / Festival celebration, Cultural activities, Yearly Fitness fair awards. Awareness workshops in college, public place.

Knowledge building exercises

Questionnaire session to build knowledge related to nation, Culture, nature, education, GK, during a workout.

Diet Management

Balance Diet Management, Awareness of Healthy Diet Management. About Dieting disorder in our routine life.

mission specific goals

First aid life-saving techniques (With experts)

Fire fighting and rescue techniques (With experts)

Self-defense program – KAPAP a martial art technique (With expert)

Cookery ART, healthy Kitchen tips (With Experts)

Gynecological awareness / Adult education for Teen kids

Human behavior science

Our Activities


टीम फिटनेस द्वारा किये जा रहे स्वस्थ निर्माण का कार्य सराहनीय, मैराथन के विजेताओं बधाइयाँ
Mr Sharad Chauhan
MLA - Narela
Wonderful and amazing efforts by Mission Team Fitness toward building india healthy
Mr Anup Maan
Ex officer Delhi Police
बेटियों के लिए किये जा रहे उज्जवल भविष्य के लिए मिशन का कार्य बहुत सराहनीय - मेरी शुभकामनायें
Mr Sunil Kumar
SHO Alipur Delhi
Mission gaol is impressive and need of today society. Their commitment is commendable.
Dr Rakesh Arya
Thanks for guest of honor. Daughter and mothers enjoying the session organized by Team Fitness. Best of luck
Richa Jindal
Founder - Womb Stories

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