About Us

Amit Kumar Sharma

Founder and Coach

The weakening of eyes of daughter Rashi Sharma in the year 2015, made a conscious alert to the founder Amit Kumar Sharma. The deteriorating conditions of the human body, the increasing commercialization in every field, the increasing opportunism in publicity and dissemination, the deteriorating level of social health, the increasing depression of youth and children, the anger which is like cancer for the family, society and country, inspired COACH AMIT KUMAR SHARMA to work for our country.

“A healthy citizen is the real asset of any nation” “Healthy body is the first right of any child” “Save your daughter, educate her but make her healthy also, because today’s daughter is tomorrow’s mother and our country needs a healthy mother”

Educated India, Prosperous India, Clean India and growing sick INDIA somewhere – India is emerging as a sick country globally according to the data given by the World Health Organization(WHO). The condition of women is getting worse from all angles. Every third mother is deprived of good mental and physical health. Realizing the importance of human life and the need of time, Coach Amit Kumar Sharma made every news of our country as an inspiration, whether it was related to harassment, missing children, deteriorating relationships, shattered families, torture or rape. With the eyesight issue of his daughter, he made a promise to give our nation a healthy mother.

With this promise, an organization named Fitness FIRST Nation FIRST was created in year 2018 with aim of Mission – Team Fitness. The main aim of our mission is mental, physical and social health. Beginning with one daughter, Mission Team Fitness now conducts activities with more than 300 kids and parents on a regular basis. We also conduct weekend awareness workshops in public parks/places.


To inculcate fitness as a religion, which is a way of life, worshiped, feared at times but mostly respected. We are committed to enriching the society and nation by providing unparalleled and inclusive motivation and recreational health programs, services and facilities to promote physical, social and emotional health, and wellness.


Team Fitness continuously working on developing comprehensive health and fitness solutions which helps you in building a fit lifestyle. Instead of trying to “out-discipline” modern life we can establish healthy habits that work with our hectic lives and our core attention on our nursery and women’s health.

Why team fitness

बेटी बचाओ, बेटी पढ़ाओ, साथ ही बेटी को स्वस्थ्य बनाओ, क्यूंकि आज की बेटी कल की माँ है और मेरे देश के स्वस्थ्य भविष्य का आधार स्वस्थ्य माँ है.

(Inspired from Prime Minister dream Project start-up Concept, Mission Team Fitness Start-up Service to build healthy nation.)

Our practice and performance include

Physical fitness

  • Endurance exercises
  • Stamina and Strength Building
  • Flexi and Balancing workout
  • Animal Flows and Primitive Workout
  • Boot Camp Training
  • Multi-Functional Activity
  • Stamina Building.- Running, Skipping

Mental fitness

  • Brain mapping to brain building
  • Yoga, Meditation, Aerobics
  • IQ and EQ Exercises, Confidence Bldg.
  • Happy Hours
  • Fun Games, Fun challenges
  • Fitness Challenge fortnight basis
  • Career guidance and counseling
  • Healthy and positive competition learning

Social Health

  • Group Discussion – Open platform
  • Celebration of all national and cultural festivals
  • Annual Fitness Fair Awards
  • Team meeting with coach
  • Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Events and Initiatives)
  • Social Awareness programs 
  • Pros & con of digital / internet social networking
  • First aid life-saving techniques 
  • Firefighting and rescue techniques 
  • Self-defense program – KAPAP a martial art technique (With expert)
  • Cookery ART, healthy Kitchen tips 
  • Gynecological awareness 
  • Adult education for teenagers 
  • Behavior skills development

Other mission-specific goals Under the able guidance of experts

Other benefits of our training

  • Incitation of teamwork
  • Use of grit and determination 
  • Problem-solving attitude
  • Self-Discipline  
  • Respect for women and elder by the kids
  • Discipline towards society and environment
  • National, cultural spirits

our team members

Amit Kumar Sharma

Founder and Coach

Ruchi Atri

Coordinator – Public relation / Communication analyst

Aarushi Gupta

Coordinator – Finance management

Tarushi Singhal

coordinator - Practice and workshop

Nidhi Gupta

Public relation and Teen Education – girls

Ajit Sharma

Advisor – Administrative support

Pradeep Maan

Counselor – Sports

Jaideep Maan

Patron – Events Alipur

Manish Kaushik

Patron – Events Alipur

Ramanuj Singh

Advisor – Social Relation / Behave analyst

Pratyush Gupta

Technical support – Teen education BOY

Vineet Vashishth

Patron – Teen education and behave - Boys

Manoj Ambast


Nitika Maan

Patron - Common Programs


Patron - Yoga Instructor